Friday, April 1, 2011

The KLF - America: What Time Is January?

What is there to say about The KLF? They are one of my favorite bands of all time, and if you're into sampling or remixing, these guys are a gold mine. This week's track is taken from an "unofficial release" CD which contains tracks that were released only on vinyl. This track is a remix of "America: What Time Is Love" and the first thing you'll notice is the awesome bagpipes. Enjoy!

Artist: The KLF
Title: America: What Time Is January?
From: The Lost Sounds of MU Vol. II
Time: 7.22


Anonymous said...

Hello Blake. I don't know if you'll remeber me, but i used to visit your page for new mp3's every month.. (before the firsrcut) until you were close by the riaa. I'm from Brazil, and asked many times for the names of the musics i didn't knew the artists....whatever...
Thank fro coming back again...

cookingthebooks said...


I was scouring the internet looking for the POP! track you posted last year - featuring Angie Hart... Thank you so much for posting it! Been looking for years for it... More 80's/90's please! From an Australian Angie fan :)