Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pop! - Tingly (I Wish My Brother George Martin Was Here)

I've been a huge Frente! fan since I first heard their 1991 EP Whirled which contained great songs like "Labour of Love" and "Oh Brilliance." While I did indeed really like the band, it turns out that the element of their music I was truly smitten with was the hypnotizing voice of their lead singer Angie Hart. I've always had a thing for accents and her breathy, pixieish Australian accent is just so riveting!

In between the first Frente!'s first album (1992's Marvin The Album) and second album (1996's Shape), Hart lent her vocals to a song called "Tingly" in 1995. This was not a Frente!-based project, but rather a one off collaboration with Tony Stott and John Richards of the band About Six Feet. The three of them called themselves Pop! and only recorded the one song before going back to their respective bands.

Frente! broke up in 1997 (citing exhaustion) leaving Hart to pursue other projects. In 1998, she teamed up with husband Jesse Tobias (who had previously toured with Red Hot Chili Peppers) to form the band Splendid. They released an album and a number of EPs before the band (and her marriage) broke up in 2004.

Since then Hart has released two solo albums (Grounded Bird and Eat My Shadow) which are both excellent. Frente! have also reformed and are planning to re-release Marvin The Album sometime in 2011.

This week's track is a remix of "Tingly" taken from the Tingly CD single which Pop! released back in 1995. It's got a very 1960s retro sound much like Saint Etienne or even Dusty Springfield. Enjoy!

Artist: Pop!
Title: Tingly (I Wish My Brother George Martin Was Here)
From: Tingly CD5
Time: 3.53

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