Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Order - Mesh

New Order is about to re-release a number of their classic album as two disc "Special Edition" sets. I put special edition in quotes because those of us who have seen the projected track listing are more than a little disappointed. It's the same old rehash of tracks that have been released ad infinitum. Tracks like Dub Vulture, The Perfect Pit, Shellcock, and Beach Buggy (all which have been long sought after vinyl-only tracks) look as if they'll be overlooked again. Very disappointing indeed. I can only hope that the announced track listing will be updated before the discs actually go to press.

This week's track is a song called "Mesh". Those of you who have a CD copy of Substance probably think you've heard the song before since the song title appears on the track listing. However, due to a mis-print that has long irked New Order fans, you've actually been hearing the track "Cries And Whispers" which clocks in at 3:25. "Mesh" is only 3:02. It only appears on two CD releases, both of which are relatively hard to find and go for $50+ on eBay when they come up for sale. Those releases are both CD Singles... Everything's Gone Green and 1981-1982 New Order EP.

Now, the track listings for the new special edition sets claim that they will include "Mesh", but most of us believe that it will actually be the same old version of "Cries And Whispers" that we've dealt with release after release. If they actually get it right, this will no longer be a rarity. Let's hope they do.

Artist: New Order
Title: Mesh
From: Everything's Gone Green EP
Time: 3.00



Welcome back, Blake!

I've been following you since "Blake's Synthpop Page" and wondering how you and Karen have been. Randomly, I've been looking for you and your eclectic library of tunes, since mine sort of mirrors yours. Last I checked, you were thoroughly involved with Roxy Music (which I'm currently listening to). Kismet demanded I check on you... Where has your IT career taken you? DJ... said...

It's always nice to hear from someone who's been following the site for so long.

Unfortunately, Karen passed away in June of 2006. I miss her every day. It's part of the reason I haven't really done much with my site since then.

It's funny you should remember my Roxy Music obsession! I still listen to them quite a bit. I just bought a few Bryan Ferry CD singles from eBay a few days ago. Great stuff!

Thanks again for taking the time to write!


Oh, Blake. I'm so sorry to hear about Karen. I thought her remission was such a positive sign. Please accept my condolences. I'm sure you'll hear from many more loyal fans that share the same sentiment, just as soon as they find out you're "back".

Thanks again for undertaking the duties of sharing synthpop with the world! I sure hope the Arr Eye Ayy Ayy leaves you alone this time...

I'm going through my MP3's looking for the very first one I downloaded from you in the late '90's (I think it may have been a Razormaid remix of some kind). Wouldn't that be a fun bit of trivia: "Who has the oldest Blake MP3?" - could be a contest!

Joe South
Your Friend In Synthpop

Anonymous said...

Apparently all the the latest New Order Special Edition CDs have severe errors. Check the comments/reviews on