Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kissing The Pink - Certain Things Are Likely (Garage Mix)

I'd really never heard much of Kissing The Pink until I picked up a 12-inch single for "Certain Things Are Likely" from a used music store back in 2001. The store had bought a huge lot of 80s/90s vinyl singles from a local radio station and was blowing them out for $1 each. I think I came home with over 50 pieces of vinyl that day (mostly from bands I'd never heard of). Though many of them turned out to be duds, I fell in love with the Garage Mix of "Certain Things Are Likely."

Because I tend to get obsessed with a band when I first discover them, I tracked down their full-length CD Certain Things Are Likely, but was disappointed to find that the album version of "CTAL" sounded nothing like the Garage Mix I'd come to love. A quick scan of their discography showed that the remix was never released on CD. I wasn't too disappointed because I'd already converted the 12-inch single to WAV format, but I couldn't completely eliminate the pops & clicks.

Fast forward seven years to March of 2008. I'd largely forgotten about tracking the mix down on CD when, on a whim, I posted a message on the New Wave forum asking if anyone knew whether or not the Garage Mix had been released on a compilation. Someone replied that it had indeed appeared on a compilation called The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago. This sounded like good news until I found out that the release I was given was a highly sought after, limited edition 15-CD compilation from Germany. After searching for the compilation on a few dozen music shop sites, I checked eBay. Only one seller had a copy for sale. He was located in Germany and was asking $599 + $50 shipping for the set. He was also accepting "best offers". I put in a low-ball offer of $150 expecting him to ignore me. Surprisingly, he accepted my offer and 14 days later I had the box set in my hands.

Although there were a few other songs on the compilation that I ended up enjoying, I really bought the entire set just for that one track. To this day, $200 is the most I've ever spent to acquire one song.

Artist: Kissing The Pink
Title: Certain Things Are Likely (Garage Mix)
From: The History of the House Sound of Chicago (Box Set)
Time: 6.18

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