Sunday, August 3, 2008

Transvision Vamp - Tell That Girl To Shutup (Extended Mix)

Fronted by the irrepressible Wendy James, Transvision Vamp was formed in 1988 and signed that same year to MCA Records. The first single they released with MCA was a cover version of a Holly & The Italians tune titled "Tell That Girl To Shutup." While the name Holly & The Italians may evoke images of a 60s girl group singing sweetly on the Ed Sullivan show, they were actually a punk band that formed in the late 70s and became a staple on Blondie's various tours. They released "Tell That Girl To Shutup" in 1980 to very little fanfare. Their version of the song is raw, unproduced and struts that I-don't-give-a-shit attitude which permeated punk in the late 70s.

Tranvision Vamp's cover version (recorded only 8 years later) still maintains some semblance of the original spirit, but manages to whitewash the entire song with a chic dancefloor veneer. How could it not -- the song was produced by Zeus B. Held (known for his work with the likes of Men Without Hats and Dead Or Alive). If Holly was the leather-clad badgirl who carried a knife to school, then Wendy was the unattainable bitchy cheerleader surrounded by all the jocks.

Many people remember Transvision Vamp for the single they released the following year... "Baby I Don't Care". It rose to #3 in the U.K. whereas "Tell That Girl To Shutup" stalled at #45 (though on U.S. charts, it hit #87). Both songs would've been good choices for this week's track, so I flipped a coin and "TTGTS" won the toss.

The version I've posted is the extended version taken from the 5" UK CD Single. Another mix called 'The Knuckle Duster Mix' also exists, but it was released as part of TV's greatest hits CD so it is neither rare nor out of print. The extended version is a bit more true to the classic 12" mixes of 80s (nothing radically remixed, just extended). Enjoy!

Artist: Transvision Vamp
Title: Tell That Girl to Shutup (Extended Mix)
From: Tell That Girl to Shutup CD5
Time: 6.22

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